When I came to the difficult decision to divorce my now ex wife last year I came to avvo.com to find a reputable attorney considering I knew that my ex was going to be playing dirty. I consulted and contacted 3 different attorneys to decide who I could afford and who was also knowledgeable with the situation I was about to deal with. One was knowledgeable but far out of what I could afford. One didn’t seem to care. Then I called Jeanette. She made me feel like I could trust her (especially with my trust being very low this is big for me). She gave me advice about things I should AND should not do. I had about as good of an outcome as I could ask for considering my ex would have dragged our case out until I was bankrupt. Some things went how i hoped and some didn’t. But when does a divorce go how you would like? I have kept Jeanette in my contacts for future advice and representation. I would definitely go to Jeanette if you need someone who knows what she’s doing but not kill you in the pocketbook when it’s over. Thank you, Jeanette.

Anonymous May 23, 2018