Division of Retirement Assets

Divorce And Retirement Assets: IRAs And Pensions

W  hen dividing retirement assets such as IRAs and pensions during a divorce, it’s not as simple as drawing a line down the middle or splitting accounts 50-50. At Tuzinski & Zick, L.L.C., we are experienced family law attorneys with comprehensive knowledge concerning the financial aspects of divorce and property division. As your lawyers, we will help you make sense of your options while developing a strategy for dividing your pension or other benefits that not only addresses the issues at hand, but protects your interests well into the future.

Protecting Your Finances Today, So You Can Plan For Tomorrow

When dividing retirement accounts during divorce, you want to ensure that your rights to the benefits are available when the time comes for you to retire. By submitting a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO), you can draft an agreement that instructs the administrator of your retirement plan to divide or distribute a specified amount, or the total sum of the plan’s proceeds to you, your former spouse or another dependent. There are numerous other types of orders that can be implemented when dividing retirement accounts. By working with our attorneys, we can guide you toward a plan that fits your specific situation. For comprehensive answers to your questions, contact us to discuss the specifics of your case.

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