Small Business Owners

Helping Small Business Owners Address Divorce Concerns

F   or entrepreneurs and small business owners the divorce process can be significantly more complex when accounting for property, assets and debts that are connected to the business. At Tuzinski & Zick, L.L.C., we are attorneys equipped with the skill and experience necessary to handle business divorce matters.

The lawyer you choose can make a significant difference when faced with a complex divorce. While there are plenty of lawyers and firms out there who can resolve a simple divorce, our analytical skill and firsthand knowledge of handling small business cases sets us apart.

Our Business Is Helping You Resolve Your Divorce


When dividing a business during divorce, we help clients assess a variety of issues including:


  • Is marital money being used to finance the business?

  • Valuating the business and comparing estimates

  • Determining expenses for conducting business

  • Addressing unethical business dealings that could impact the divorce proceedings

  • Discovering any hidden assets or co-mingled funds that influence support or other matters associated with property division

Intelligent And Creative Solutions That Can Preserve Your Business

For small-business owners in Minnesota, the processes of a normal divorce don’t always apply. When dividing assets and property, it can be burdensome and extremely difficult to sell off acreage, equipment or other property without causing financial hardships that could result in bankruptcy or a significant decrease in earning potential.

By working alongside you throughout the divorce and the property division process, we can help you structure solutions that preserve your business. 

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