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D uring any divorce involving young children, the primary concern of all parties involved — from the courts and attorneys to the parents — should be the care and future well-being of the kids. Although most attest to having their children’s interests at heart, many divorcing parents and their lawyers can lose sight of the ultimate goal: to resolve the matter efficiently and effectively with as little harm as possible.

There Is Plenty To Consider During A Child Custody Dispute

If you and your former spouse can reach a child custody agreement through negotiations during mediation or collaborative methods, you can spare yourselves and your children many of the difficulties associated with a divorce. However, such resolutions are not always possible. As your attorneys, we will help you determine the best path for you and your family — whether that means compassionate and strategic negotiations or aggressive representation during litigation. A myriad of factors come into play when structuring a child custody or support arrangement. In Minnesota, the courts account for the best interests of the child when determining legal and physical custody.

In Minnesota there are two primary types of custody

Legal custody: Legal custody gives the parent/parents decision-making power regarding the child’s education, health care, religious upbringing and other important matters. Physical custody: Encompassing day-to-day decisions, physical custody pertains to a parent’s oversight concerning the child’s daily routines and decisions.

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