May 17, 2019

I hired someone else to start my divorce and I was happy with him but then I switched to Jeanette. The difference was night and day. I think that decision to switch to her got me a much more favorable outcome. From the start of hiring her it was obvious she was much more knowledgeable about my unique situation. She kept me calm and focused and i felt very confident having her in my corner. Her advice was always very helpful and would de-escalate the situations that would come up. It seemed like every situation that happened she had a way to de-escalate things. She was very honest with her time and she worked very quickly. Very detail oriented, and always had correct information on everything she did. My previous lawyer I was constantly correcting and would get billed for correcting his mistakes. I really believe the outcome would have been very different if I had not had her on my side. I would recommend her to any guy that is looking for an attorney.