May 13, 2021

I can’t thank Jeanette enough for fighting for me and giving me hope. I would recommend her to everyone that is thinking about divorce! I started the divorce process with one minor dependent and at a different law firm. The prior law firm I had wanted me to roll and not fight for much. Along with over communicate and ate up my 4K retainer in one month. I would get extremely stressed out when communicating with the prior law firm so I decided to look around for a different lawyer. I found Jeanette Tuzinski and she immediately calmed me and was very realistic on what to expect. Jeanette went to work on my case with only a couple weeks until my court date. She confirmed that I need to fight for what I want and that it wasn’t “unrealistic” (unlike what my previous lawyer told me)(So far the courts have granted my request that my prior lawyer said I wouldn’t get). Jeanette only communicates when it’s needed and doesn’t over bill or try to communicate just to eat up the retainer (unlike some lawyers). Her prices are reasonable and she is very good with being honest and realistic. In court she presents herself and represents me in a very professional manner. Jeanette is very knowledgeable in family divorce and gave me all of my options and helped me understand (instead of just lawyer lingo that not the common person would understand). Although I’m still in the middle of my custody and divorce she has guided me and really eased the stress that comes with this process. I recommend Jeanette to anyone that needs guidance or representation for family court. I can tell that she actually cares about what happens to my case and I’m not just another folder in a stack, unlike other lawyers.