High-Asset Divorce

When A Divorce Involves Complex Financial Matters

F  or small-business owners, or individuals and families with significant property and assets, the divorce process can be especially complex during the stages of property and asset division. While some individuals believe they have a firm handle on their personal finances or the business savvy to navigate Minnesota’s divorce and equitable division laws, most of these people quickly realize the benefit of working with an attorney experienced in handling high-asset divorce.

From Identifying And Dividing, To Understanding Tax Implications, Our Attorneys Know What To Do

At Tuzinski & Zick, L.L.C., we help our clients consider the myriad nuances of dividing property in Minnesota. From understanding the tax ramifications, identifying marital and nonmarital property, to tracing assets and assessing retirement accounts and stocks, we possess the resources and a keen eye for financial matters as they pertain to divorce. Instead of heading blindly into court and potentially throwing away money, we can advise you toward a more sensible and cost-effective path that alleviates contention while protecting your wealth.

Staying Focused On The Bigger Picture

Although it is easy for couples to get caught up in trying to secure the boat, car or house, we help our clients stay focused, assess what’s really at stake and home in on what they hope to accomplish by remaining objective. Ultimately, we encourage our clients to think of the bigger picture. By coming to amicable agreements, we can work together to save time and money.

A few of the numerous services we provide our clients during high-asset divorce proceedings include the following:


  • When determining spousal and child support, we can advocate your position and help to ensure that appropriate amounts are determined or negotiated.
  • By identifying all debts, we can assess your position in regard to debts accrued before, during and after the life span of the relationship while pushing for a fair distribution of debt.
  • We can identify marital and nonmarital property, assets and debt. By assessing your future needs and accounting for contingencies, we can advocate for equitable division of bank accounts, pensions, retirement accounts and investments.
  • With a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO), we can transfer assets from a pension or 401(k) should it be necessary for your case.

High-Asset Divorce Lawyers Serving Clients Throughout Minnesota

The family home, the lake property or the family business may be at the forefront of your mind during divorce and property division, but at Tuzinski & Zick, L.L.C., we help you consider your entire portfolio while protecting your interests moving forward. Serving clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area, we are ready to help you. Call us at 763.560.3900.

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